About Me


I’ve had an interest in energy since I was 8 years old and practising Judo. My interest in wellbeing began when I discovered that by eating right my bouncebackability from partying increased and it was here my endeavour for balance and wellbeing began. Firstly through Nutrition (obtaining anĀ NTEC diploma in diet and nutrition), then Tai Chi and then I discovered Yoga.

When my first class ended I felt 3 inches taller and was hooked right away. All my little aches and pains (picked up through various minor injuries) started to diminish and I soon gave up smoking. After practising for 10 years I decided to expand my knowledge. I enrolled on a foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga which fascinated me and sparked my passion for yoga. I spent the next 3 years obtaining my BWY Teaching Diploma.

With a thirst for knowledge I travelled to India where I completed a 10 day detoxification programme at the Sivananda Centre, Kerala, a 200hr Ashtanga Teacher Training at Sthalam8, Mysore and on my return to London a 200hr Dynamic Flow programme, incorporating Tom Myers Mayofascial Anatomy Trains with Yoga. More recently I was attuned in Reiki as a level 1 practitioner and completed an on-line Pregnancy Yoga course with the Yoga Education Institute. With my thirst for knowledge still in tact I continue to study and learn, finding more interestĀ in the psychological and healing side of the practice which I tend to intertwine into my classes.

Being naturally creative I love to mix up my styles, bringing variety, fun and a fresh challenge to each class.



“Energy can neither be created nor can it be destroyed, it only changes from one form to another” Advait