Wellness in the Workplace


A study by Great Place to Work found that feeling appreciated is the top motivator for employees to do great work. And what better way to show your employees you appreciate them than to show that you care about their wellbeing?



The Stretch Your Stresses Away program teaches how to maintain optimal wellbeing (reducing sick days and improving performance) without having to leave the desk or chip in to your valuable time.
In just 30 days your workers can learn to be and perform at their best no matter what the circumstances.
Because a large portion of the program is pre-recorded, you have access as soon as you book.
Prior to the first live session each employee is given a personalised health screening.
During the live sessions Debbie will ensure everyone understands and implements the techniques correctly. It’s an opportunity also to answer any questions or concerns that may arise, so that everyone gains the most out of the program.


Live Sessions – Choose from
Morning, Afternoon, or Evening


1x 20 minute session per week for 5 weeks
Pre-recorded program non time specific


Location – Choose between
Live In Person  (East/Central London or West Essex only)
Live Online via Zoom


Course Fee – Per Person
 ⭐️ Introductory Offer ⭐️
£108.00 In Person
£ 88.00 Online


Why work with Debbie ?
Debbie is warm caring and extremely knowledgeable.
She has over two decades practicing and teaching Yoga, Mindfulness and Pilates and is well read on neuroscience, the mind & body connection, and psychology.
For more than a decade she has worked with clients in all these different area’s making her an expert in movement and holistic health.
Over her 50 years she has overcome chronic back pain, sciatica, and various injuries which make her a compassionate teacher.
She always brings all her learning and experience to her live sessions, much of which has gone into the production of her pre-recorded program.
A program designed with the desk bound in mind, so no mats or extra space is required.
It’s non-time consuming so can easily be fitted into any schedule, and so simple to follow your employees can access it without concern.
There’s no monthly subscription or complicated apps just one super affective program with effects that could last a lifetime.
For bookings and enquiries contact Debbie –
 “Small daily improvements are the key to great long term results” Anonymous