Just wanted to say thank you so very much for the amazing Year of Yoga & Pilates. You helped to get me through some of these difficult days. Can’t wait for classes to resume. Enjoy your well deserved break love Jackie – Zoom Classes 2020

Thank you. I needed that! X Ann – Marie Goodwin – Zoom Classes 2020

Looking forward to tonight. Missed your Zen. Miss Sarah Sea – Zoom Classes 2020

Thank you Debbie. Another fantastic class, I can’t get enough of it Have a lovely weekend xxx J

Looking forward to tonight’s class, thank you Debbie. Michael Keane – Zoom 2020

Bit of a killer but I loved it! Thanks Debbie. Christine Chittock – Zoom Classes 2020

Thank you for the brilliant classes Debbie. I love it!!! Jacqueline Valencia – Zoom Classes 2020

Lovely class as always – thank you Debbie! x Elise Humphrey – Zoom Classes 2020

Thank you again Debbie for such wonderful classes. You uplift my day, Jackie xx

Thanks Debbie, great class today. Sharon Alexxanderr-Caine – Zoom Classes 2020

Really enjoying the classes Debbie Thank you. Maggy Campbell – Zoom Classes 2020


“I have found the seated yoga sessions very helpful and would highly recommend that other organisations introduce this type of practice for their staff members.  I would hope that our company will carry on with these sessions moving forward and I am sure more staff will take up the offer of attending if we could get the times to suit people.
Debbie is a very experienced, professional and friendly yoga instructor and her knowledge is exceptional”.  Janice Joseph – Corporate Sessions 2020


“Firstly, thank you for the Yoga sessions.
They were really good and I always felt so much better afterwards.
My neck didn’t’ feel so tight.
You are a very good teacher. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow.
It was a good pace and you corrected me if I was doing it wrong.
I wish we could do more”.  Debbie Collins – Corporate Sessions 2020


“Thanks for the sessions Debbie. I have found the alternate nostril breathing challenging but helpful if I am feeling stressed and better than the breath and count technique I was using before. Thanks Debbie, I enjoyed the sessions”.  Josie Parsons – Corporate Sessions 2020


Thanks Debbie, enjoyed my first yoga class! Lynne Tyler Zoom Class 2020

Enjoying the classes! Jo Baker x – Zoom Class 2020

Thank you so much Debbie! What a lovely class, as always. Loved the work on the chakras 🙂 Elise xxx – Zoom Class 2020

Lovely class, thank you, Namaste. Stephanie Cooke – Zoom Class 2020

Always an enjoyable session. Wayne McAllister – Zoom Class 2020

Thank you so much for tonight’s session Debbie. My back has been quite stiff for a few days, this has done the trick : )
Kathleen Payne – Zoom Class 2020

Thank you for another wonderful yoga session Debbie. Best start to my day.  Jacqueline Valencia – Zoom Class 2020

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time away with Debbie in Ibiza. The yoga and settings were always perfect for the time and the moment, my particular favourite being sunrise yoga on an abandoned rooftop.  It was such a great way to start the day, seeing the sunrise and the heat creeping in.
Another highlight of the trip was that Debbie took the time to arrange a trip for us to go to see the island drum ceremony at Sun down, which was a great experience and felt in keeping with the theme of the holiday -yoga!
I met lots of lovely people & we dined together often & had a giggle.  In fact it was a great mix of socialising and time to yourself.  I’d definitely go on another yoga holiday with Debbie and recommend it highly”. Laura Lee – Ibiza 2018


“A lovely break with well led variety of yoga sessions.  Nice group of people.  Lovely quiet location and plenty of sunshine” Jane – Ibiza 2018


“Me and mum had a great time. The hotel was beautiful we both had a great time yoga and meditation on the beach it the best. Great company food and weather was perfect can’t wait for next year’s yoga holiday.” Iris and Sylvie – Ibiza 2018


“Lovely group of people, great yoga sessions, the location was stunning and had such a lovely relax! Thanks for another chilled and care free week Debs, had a fab week!” Robyn – Ibiza 2018

“Thank you for the workshop, I enjoyed it so much I had already noted my experience;
I thought the room and practice preparation created a very welcoming and calming space which was combined with a well structured practice which provided me with a deep relaxation. I particularly enjoyed the focused time spent on often overlooked body parts and the movement which achieved the right balance of work and relaxation. The well structured progression left me completely restored at the end, nicely finished off with tasty refreshment to complete what was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening.
The time passed all too quickly for me and very much looking forward to the next one!”  Wayne – Moving Meditation March 2018
“The start to the year, I felt sluggish, tired and ready to go to sleep on the sofa before I came to the session.. But albeit freezing cold, I got there to be surprised that we were doing different mediation with looking at candle light, which has an amazingly relaxing effect.
I came home energised and light and Monday morning was a joy rather than the normal tired Monday”. Jan – New Years Relaxation Session February 2018

“Whenever possible I like to indulge myself with one of Debbie’s relaxation sessions. It’s a great way to prepare the mind, sprit and soul for the week ahead, forget the world and focus on one’s self. Now I just need to practice keeping myself from falling asleep in the closing parts of this calming experience.” Daniel – New Years Relaxation Session February 2018


“We really enjoyed our yoga experience with Debbie.
I haven’t done yoga for a while and it has definitely
Made me want to start up again! Debbie is amazing
At what she does and takes a fantastic class with a calm
Relaxing atmosphere, would definitely recommend!” Sarah & Lauren – New Years Relaxation Session February 2018


Not sure if Debbie’s relaxation evening should be described as the perfect end to the week, or the perfect start to the week ahead!  Some gentle yoga followed by the relaxation session was a great way to unwind after a particularly busy week at work.  Debbie is very welcoming and I feel instantly at east when attending her sessions.  A cup of warming tea and a healthy snack before venturing out into the cold night was a lovely touch at then end of the evening”. Jo – New Years Relaxation Session February 2018


“As always, Debbie was friendly and  welcoming and had set a relaxing environment up with mats, cushions and blankets laid out.The workshop left me calm and relaxed after a stressful week. Most notable were the effects the following day – I felt mentally refreshed and energised and launched myself  in to various tasks that I’d been putting off for ages”. Liz – Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra November 2017

“It was a thoroughly enjoyably relaxing evening..  Everything was very nicely laid out to precision, and everything we needed to be comfortable was there.  I felt vey energised today and had a wonderful sleep last night”. Jan Sargent – Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra November 2017
“Well it’s now just over 24 hours since Debbies Restorative Yoga session and I’m feeling pretty chilled out and positive which wasn’t the case beforehand.
The session was everything and more than I had expected.  From beginning to end I found Debbie to be very knowledgeable and informative and she has such an easy going approach so I found it easy to follow all instructions that she was giving. She also spent time on each person that attended making sure we were comfortable at all times.
I would certainly recommend anyone to give Debbie’s classes as go if you can. You won’t be disappointed.” Jan – Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra November 2017
“I’m still quite new to Yoga but I must say thank you for the Sunday Yoga restorative and Yoga nidra session.
 It was a real eye opener as you explained eveything as we went along so that was very useful to know.
The session was very relaxing, especially the breathing exercises i thoroughly enjoyed myself and always enjoy and look forward to your weekly yoga classes. My only qualm was that the room was a tad cold but that was no fault of yours as you brought a heater and tried to accommodate everyone’s needs and regularly went around the room to make sure that everyone was ok and if anyone needed any extra help/support you was there to offer a helping hand. Thank you!” Kiran – Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra November 2017
“Debbie created a safe space for us to relax within. A soothing yoga nidra, followed by a singing bowl sound bath, loved it all! The room was gorgeous and just what I needed to finish off the weekend and get me feeling ready for a Monday morning”. Robyn – Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath September 2017


“I attended Debbie’s new(ish) monthly Sunday evening restorative session for the first time on 17 Sep. Debbie guided us through a yoga nidra, a pranayama linked to our chakras and a relaxation to the changing sounds and vibrations of gongs, all of which I found deeply relaxing and absolutely loved! I left the session feeling calm and ready to face a challenging exam the next day, which indeed I think went much better because of my state of mind after the fantastic restorative session. I highly recommend it to others curious to experience something different and interesting which has an impact on a spiritual and energetic level, rather than just the physical body”. Irena – Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath September 2017


“Thank you, Debbie, for a fantastic week! An unusual location (Klavze 28,Slovenia) made for brilliant exploration – the accommodation and surroundings were simply stunning. Your yoga classes complimented the week really well, leaving me feeling refreshed, rebalanced and inspired! The trip was packed with such interesting things to do (loved the reggae festival!), but with enough free time to chill out, a perfect balance. Thanks again – really looking forward to the next retreat.” Robyn Allan – Slovenia 2017


“It was an amazing yoga holiday that far exceeded my expectations on all levels”. Maria – Slovenia 2017


“I’d never been on a yoga retreat before and was a little nervous prior. As soon as we met Debbie and the rest of the group my mind was already at ease. A wonderful group of ladies; all mixed ages, mixed abilities and mixed backgrounds – led by the lovely Debbie and together we adventured around the mountains of Slovenia.
Slovenia, paired with the innovative lessons by Debbie was a dream come true. The morning stretches, afternoon flows and evening mediations, paired with the serene surroundings of the streams, starlit skies and beautifully quaint accommodation. With focus on channeling energy and delving deep into our chakras, I came home feeling as though my mind had been re-programmed and my body fully relaxed.” Koral – Slovenia 2017


“Debbie’s yoga retreat in Slovenia was the perfect week.  With a variety of other activities scheduled around our yoga classes, there was enough to keep everyone busy at their own pace and enjoy the beautiful location she had chosen.  The accommodation and hospitality of our hosts really made the trip special, not to mention the amazing food!  I learnt a lot from Debbie’s classes and can honestly say I felt an emotional and psychical difference by the end of the week.  They were very well thought out and suited to our needs/ mood each day. Thanks so much for a memorable week”. Elise – Slovenia 2017


“The restorative Yoga session hit the perfect spot after some really stressful weeks. We held the poses for longer that usual and used props to push ourselves a little further, which left me feeling lighter and taller. All this combined with mindful breathing and meditation helped cleared my mind and body from accumulated tension. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards”. Valeria – Yin and Yoga Nidra August 2017


“Just want to say how much I enjoyed your session on Sunday. I slept like a log yesterday and have commented to several people how good I found the workshop”. Liz – Yin and Yoga Nidra August 2017


“Really enjoyed  Sunday, although I fell asleep towards end of session! Soooo relaxed. Stretches before the yoga Nidra really assisted in creating a relaxed state, by holding poses for longer than usual. Much appreciated as hips had been hurting a little recently. I’d probably not wear eye mask next time in order to stay more awake. Also found eye mask a little heavy on my face. So many beads.
A wonderfully relaxing session. Felt so supported, uplifted, nourished and bathed in calming restorative energy. Will definitely come to next session”. Linda – Yin and Yoga Nidra July 2017


“We both really enjoyed the session. My husband said he’d take up yoga again if all the classes were like that! He was delighted that there were no downward dogs and difficult poses and particularly liked the more spiritual side of it. This was a perfect end to a Sunday. The course was well-structured, suitable for everyone and Debbie made sure that everyone was made to feel welcome. We both left feeling calm and refreshed mentally.” Liz – Yin and Yoga Nidra July 2017


“I really enjoyed the session. I attended because savasana is my favourite position. I could definitely feel my posture/spine unwinding. Also, I once attended a session where the teacher rang a gong throughout and it was amazing, the reverb etc. I had half hoped for that.
I thought it was great that you brought the blankets, cushions and the candles really added to the ambience.
For me personally, it could have done with being a bit warmer. By the time we moved onto the sounds I felt slightly cooler which was slightly less relaxing/made me more conscious/awake, than from the first part of the session, which was so relaxing”. Ravinder – Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath May 2017


“An amazing yoga Nidra session with Debbie. I was delighted to attend this evening session about yoga Nidra and Healing Sounds. Debbie is a highly skilled yoga teacher, bubbly and confident so she was able to lead us all into the deep relaxation of the yoga session in a soothing way, she knew how to pace us to shift our body awareness internally creating a wonderful experience. After that, we delve into the power of the healing sounds, being exposed to those frequencies was truly magical, as you really notice how your body resonates with those sounds just like a pitchfork. I was a great experience and I can’t recommend it enough. I would definitely do it again”. Julian – Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath April 2017


“I enjoyed the session and had a great nights sleep”. Jo – Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath April 2017


“I really enjoyed yesterday evenings session. I was a little nervous, as unfamiliar with what would happen. Everyone was so friendly. I really enjoyed both elements of the evening. I have been repeating my affirmation all day & it has been very calming & motivating. I definetly release something that had been concerning me for quite a longtime & feel better for this, ie acknowledged it and ready to move on”.

Sharon – Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath April 2017


“I have been attending Debbie’s yoga classes for several months now and I have enjoyed every moment.  Debbie offers a different style that is so well delivered and so easy to adapt to….  From relaxation to full-on asana’s, Debbies skill, enthusiasm, humour and delivery of the ‘yoga’ message is spot-on and just so enjoyable.  Suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, I absolutely recommend a yoga course with this wonderful yogi  – a most rewarding experience.  You really wont be disappointed”. Gary – Repton Park Virgin 2013


“Can I just say how much I enjoy your classes and very pleased there is a Thurs morning creche so I can come.  I know others appreciate the work you put in too as a few other women have said how much they like them particularly that they are so different every week”.

Sarah – Walthamstow Leisure Centre 2012


“Just to say how very much I enjoyed your yoga class today-I realliy fetl exhilerated at the end of the session. I have filled out a comment card stating that you are a brilliant teacher and that I would like to see you there every Wednesday”. David – Esporta 2012